Art Collection – This is mainly to post on sites where I’m not as active. Just a quick look at my latest art.

Cosplay – Videogame and anime costumes. This page is friends only.

Digital Art – Anime, game and original art. I started out using Inkscape and Gimp on PC. When I switched to drawing on an iPad I used Vectornator, Autodesk Sketchbook, Graphic, Just Sketch Me and my current main art app: Procreate.

Digital Art WIP – Art that doesn’t have a background or alternate versions of my drawings. I mainly use these for banners, tshirts and other graphics.

Misc Crafts – Random art projects. The Dungeons and Dragons parchments are based on adventure league modules. The cookies are a collab with my husband’s mom.

Nails – Mostly manicures since that is my specialty, but there are a few pedicures too.

Pixels – Little pixel gifs, most of them are animated. I made them with Paint and Gimp.

Polymer Clay – Miniatures, charms, earrings and other hand sculpted small decorations.

Sites – Banners, icons and designs I have used online. I am no longer active on all of these sites nor have all of these domains, but it’s a fun look back. I don’t use them as much as I used to but you can still see my web design notes.

D&D – Drawings and basic character profiles for my Dungeons and Dragons characters that I play in adventure league.

Tumblr – A simple blog. I post art, brief thoughts about anime, videogames and movies I’m watching, screenshots from games, food pics and other fun random things.

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