Collection – Previews of my art.
Digital – This includes some original art I drew and some fanart. Sometimes I’ll sign them but not always, the same goes for the fanart. I just started signing them recently when I remember. The fanart is mostly videogame and anime, plus some gift art I made for friends.
Nails – Nail art done with acrylic paint or stickers.
Polymer – Little polymer clay jewelry, charms and figurines sculpted by hand.
Pixels – Small pixel gifs, mostly animated.
Clear – My original drawings and fanarts as transparent pngs that I use for printing and image editing.
Layouts – These are my past site layouts and web-design notes. The domains and urls on these old layouts are not necessarily all still mine or presently active. When I let my old domains expire they could have been purchased by other people, some sites I have also left or have closed. The sites where I’m still active are linked in the main page. I also included some of the banners, icons and backgrounds I’ve used on past layouts for various sites.
Crafts – Painting premade figurines, making plushies from scratch, some origami and other crafts. Scans of maps and player handouts I made like parchments based on Dungeons and Dragons adventure league modules, the words are from the official module and I did the art and lettering. The decorated cookies are collabs with my husband’s mom.
Links Out – Links to some of my friends’ sites.
Info – The apps I use for digital art on the iPad are Procreate, Autodesk Sketchbook, Graphic, Vectornator and Just Sketch Me. In the past I used to draw on a Windows laptop with Autodesk Sketchbook, Inkscape and Gimp. I sometimes use fonts from Da Font.