Dungeons and Dragons

Azure (elf / wizard / chaotic good / acolyte) Trained to be the shrine maiden keeper of the magical archives of Starlight Kingdom, she grew bored of her position and left in search of adventure. She is book smart but otherwise naive, curious, friendly and sometimes too relaxed. Her slime familiar believes he is OP and must hold back to let his master shiny, but in reality, he only has 1 HP. Her favorite magic item is the cloak of displacement, which she obtained during one of her adventures. She often travels with Genesis, a noble seeking to restore his lost fortune and status.

Indigo (aasimar / paladin / lawful good / knight) A member of the Tenshi Knights, a nomadic group of paladins that travels the world spreading good and helping those in need.  Her loyal steed is a unicorn named Marshmallow. She is quick to offer help to anyone who may need to and can come off as too kind and trusting. She can be harsh on those who dare betray her trust or do evil. Her favorite magic item is a flame tongue sword she named Smores. 

Mythos (half elf half human / ranger / chaotic good / traveler) He left his homeland of Starlight Kingdom after being falsely accused of killing captain Lavender of the royal guard, his adopted father. The crime was committed by his evil twin brother Lore who, along with the rest of his biological family, Mythos knew nothing about before the tragedy. He travels the land seeking to capture his brother to avenge the only father he ever had and clear his name. It takes a lot to earn his trust and he tries not to get attached to anyone but is willing to cooperate with fellow adventurers for a mutual benefit. 

Cyna Hime (tabaxi / figther / chaotic good / noble) Cyna is a tabaxi princess from a mostly human kingdom (with a few elves). Her mother, Felina, was a traveling adventurer that joined the mission to rescue young prince Crimson. Felina was gravely injured protecting the prince and her dying wish was for her daughter to be taken care of. In gratitude, and to ease his son’s conscience, the king of Starlight adopted Cyna. Although she was a young child when she became a princess and was educated as a noble, Cyna has an adventurous spirit. She is brave but can also be impulsive and impatient.  

Kisuke Murasaki (tabaxi / rogue / chaotic neutral / spy) Kisuke is an adventurer for hire, who often takes on jobs as a mercenary or a spy. He is sneaky and agile having been born to the Murasaki ninja clan. He normally focuses on his mission without getting personally invested. His choice of job sometimes puts him on the wrong side of the law, but his relaxed attitude prevents him from being concerned. He doesn’t like being tied down by responsibility, which is why he left his clan to pursue a carefree life. 

Cerulean (aasimar / sorcerer lawful good / artisan) Cerulean is a traveling artist looking to improve her skills as a painter and find new inspiration. Her familiar is a bunny named Thor, who has a big appetite. Cerulean is easily distracted and loves all things cute. She learned to play the electric (magic) guitar to join fellow adventurer Ylba, the wolf barbarian, in the rock band All The Way In. Thor became their manager. 

Mitzu Coatl (yuan ti / cleric / chaotic neutral / treasure hunter)

The Coatls were yuan ti eggs that were taken by bandits and later rescued by adventurers. The adventurers weren’t sure how to return them to the yuan ti and when they hatched decided to raise them. The siblings learned various techniques and abilities from the elves in the party as well as several languages from the other members of the group. Mitzu is an elegant pureblood who likes treasure hunting and wearing pretty jewelry. She is very loyal to her brother Atstlu, though they often bicker, she wouldn’t let anyone else pick on him.